Art Villa Hosts French Scholar


François Mere – a stepson of Iliazd and at the same time the founder and president of Iliazd Club - is a frequent guest of Art Villa. He was accompanied by Professor Regis Gayraud, a literary scholar and researcher of Avant Garde,   Boris Friedman, a large collector of Livre d'Artiste pieces and Marika Jeanty, a delegate and archivist of Historic Heritage of Coco Chanel.  Among the guest were also Mikheil Karasin and Sergei Kudriavtsev.

Regis Gayraud - professor at Clermont-Ferrand Blaise Pascal University - is  a Slavicist, translator and one of the outstanding scholars of Iliazd.

The guests got  acquainted with the history and policy of Fest I Nova festival, held in honor of the Brothers Zdanevich  and  in addition attended the exhibition  of the works by the students of ESACM (Ecole Supérieure d'Arte de Clermon Métropole) entitled WISDOM OF LIES. The latter was organized in the framework of this year's festival and Art-Villa-ESACM collaboration.

The guests had been hosted by Art-Villa Garikula's founder, Karaman Kutateladze who is a grandson of Kirile Zdanevich and artist Gela Tsuladze.

The French-Russian group of scholars plan to consider Art-Villa Garikula as a platform in further studies of Zdanevich brother’s heritage, that in future may  turn into many interesting  initiatives.

On the second day of the Art Villa’s visit, the guests  attended the inauguration  of Iliazd’s  street in Batumi.