Rural Art Villa Garikula proves to be one of the best places for street performances


Ado Theater Collective, the first Baku based independent theatrer in Azerbaijan showcased three street performances in the vast courtyard of Art Villa Garikula fully making use of its environs - exterior and installations  in a way to be the equal partner of the performance itself.

The composition titled Woman’s Voice - the most emotionally engaging   one by ADO Collective mostly took part within the installation from the 2015 Fest I Nova festival, which represents the remote wire-construction in the middle of a large meadow.  An incessant scream by a lonely woman (Aytan Aliyeva) suffering from the violence and break up with the loved one was heard at its climax from the wired space where the woman used to rush to and fro thus amplifying the grip of the piece on the audience.

The premiered performance titled Kerpic (brick) was launched on the backdrop of the art villa Garikula’s edifice, where a day before the young ADO artists dug trenches and filled it with water.  The art-piece represents the incessant, meaningless and boring backbreaking labor accompanied by the Kemence improvisation and rhythm of stone hits. The artists with detached expression paced in the mud while the protagonist ( Iskra Tarrant) was making bricks.

The final piece Hamam was taken pretty high from the audience – to the tower rotunda of the Art Villa Garikula.  There stood a woman (Elsa Furtado) with a red plastic basin hysterically scrubbing her body to get rid of the dirt.  At the end of the performance, the woman pours the throw-away water on her head and slowly steps down from the tower to disappear into the house.

The ADO Collective’s performances were the final ones and completed the consecutive series of performance pieces   ahead of final opening of Fest I Nova’17 – Elements of Communication.

A week earlier Erin Montanez, a festival participant and curator from US  showcased 24 hour performance in the American Pavilion, a Zen teahouse-like space constructed by the Burning Man artist Gregg Fleishman in 2014  and the international group of circus artists took the full advantage of Garikula’s environs for their four pieces united under the title Split In. 

About ADO Theater-Collective:

ADO Theater-Collective - the first independent theater in Azerbaijan - is a contemporary stage, far from the traditions of classical theatre which represents unique space for contemporary creation in the country.


First established as ODA Theatre in 2013 by Elmin Badalov, it turned later into “ADO Theater – Collective”and  proposed new forms and formats in performing arts.

ADO is a unique alternative artistic space in Azerbaijan focused on experimentation and innovation.  Since 2015, ADO has been proposing mostly performances, particularly a street ones, the format which don’t exist in Azerbaijan.


ADO organizes tours in Azerbaijan as well as abroad (International Street TheaterFestival in Aurillac, France in August 2015 and 2017;  Movement Theater Tilde Theater,  DIVEx  and  Fabrika , Tbilisi, Georgia in June 2016 and June 2017).


The collective was also invited to showcase two of its short performances in the framework of the Bakool Arts Festival, Baku.


This year, in October, ADO took part in Garikula’s Fest I Nova’17 – Elements of Communication.


In the framework of its short residence at Art Villa Garikula, ADO Theatre-Collective created a new piece Kərpic  featuring art as a construction material.

Apart from this - Woman’s Voice –as a scream, an urgent call and a crazy run; woman’s words trying to rip through the crowd and Hamam –a woman’s figure appearing among people with her red basin, bucket and  soap in her hand…