Art Villa Garikula , The  Regional Center for Contemporary Arts is a cultural enterprise which undertakes a mission to support creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through diverse programs and projects. Housed in  what  formerly was  Bolgarky family Summer Residence,  it represents nowadays a multifunctional international platform: the first artist commune and residency in Georgia, the  exhibition space and the establishment for unconventional education. (Non Profit Foundation for the Revival and Development of Cultural Heritage of Shida Kartli is the founder of the Art Villa)

Art Villa is a place which brings together artists from all over the world to exchange ideas and implement different projects, a cultural crossroad for people with creative interests and various backgrounds in the arts,  where imaginative energy is accumulated; it creates international opportunities and promotes joint contemporary art projects, mobility of artists and people-to-people links.

Based on the principles of Bauhaus and using the experience developed by Modernism, especially the heritage of so called Tbilisi Avant Garde the main task of the Art Villa Garikula is to spread a word about the social changes through  Contemporary Art. The significant instrument for the Art Villa to undertake this particular mission is the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Brothers Zdanevich,  which has been held at the Bolgarskiy Palace and its courtyard annually since 2009.

Art Villa considers contemporary art as an important tool for the promotion  of democratic values such as freedom of speech, human rights, challenging of the ecology problems, boosting community based initiatives etc., representing the most important issues for the post Soviet Georgia. For this particular purpose the  goal  of the Art Villa is to readily apply the urban projects and contemporary media like Activism, Art in Nature, Public Art etc., and at a regular basis,  offer different thematic workshops for the students from various institutes and universities as well as conduct lectures for high school students from Akhalkalaki and adjacent villages.

Main Goals in Brief:

  • —Expansion of cultural ties through cooperation and integration with international art centers and communities.
  • Formation of a strong platform for critical thinking, research, and practical learning
  • Initiation of long-term programs for the development of cross-cultural dialogue.
  • Promotion of Georgian artist abroad,  through Fest I Nova’s creative vehicle.
  • Decentralization of culture to boost the development of economically backward Kaspi region
  • Realization of multi-disciplinary project on regional, national and international levels
  • Development of the Art Villa’s collection of contemporary artworks by Georgian and foreign artists