Fest I Nova’17 – Elements of Communication

The 9th edition of the traditional Fest I Nova – The International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Brothers Zdanevich -  is dedicated  to the three milestones in Georgian history and reality: first of all, it is EU-Georgian association agreement, which is to shape the cultural and social environment for the years to come as well as to  define the mainstream cultural values; in the second place ,   Fest I Nova celebrates the  centenary of futuristic union 41◦ formed and titled  by the Zdanevich  Brothers – the founding fathers of Tbilisi Avant Garde  and in the third place, it solemnizes the recognition of Georgian alphabet - its inscription on the UNESCO representative list of the intangible  cultural heritage of humanity.

Therefore, the festival, besides the conceptual installations will be concentrated on the themes of alphabet and graphic design in general. It is planned to create Artist’s Books   as well as to make exhibitions of Georgian cartoons as well as to do special research on folclorization   issues in Georgian culture.

Art and culture of the Caucasus region – Iran, Turkey,   Azerbaijan, Armenia and Central   Asia  are the subject of utmost importance for this year’s Fest I Nova as it directly refers to the festival’s title - Elements of Communication. The challenge of the festival is to present artists from these counties to the Georgian audience and offer them much more room for personal freedom and artistic self-expression.

Last but not least are the interdisciplinary discussions   involving   art, culture, economics, politics and sociology led   by both theorists and the artists. Workshops and discussions will focus on the issues of human rights and freedom   in various fields, supported by international legal instruments and bringing their impact on the cultural discourse of Georgia and the whole region.

The festival will last till the end of September
Graphic design (posters, artist's books, and typography) and architectural objects will be showcased in mid-September, at the final opening.

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Fest i Nova festival  is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monument  Protection, Georgia