Future Memory

Is it possible to remember the future?

The FUTURE is always present; one needs only to make up one’s mind to go there.  
Memory is the imprinting of information, data backup and recovery.
In time Memory will change, transform and lose
Lost Memory are disappeared people and forgotten places.

It is what happened and we do not remember. It is what was in the past and  no more exists…

What’s no longer remembered, it's never happened.

If we forget the past, we won’t remember any of the future.

Knowledge of the past is the creation of future memory which eventually enables us to identify it .


How to restore the past?

How to remember the future?

Art Villa Garikula presents the 8th International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Brothers Zdanevich -  Fest I Nova “Future Memory”.

Apart from the Bolgarski Palace, it will also be held in different public areas of Akhalkalaki and Garikula villages. Both local and international artists are bringing back to life the derelict, forgotten public areas and try to convert them into temporary art spaces.

In Akhalkalaki the villagers will involved in transformation process. By engaging the local populace and taking the art into public space, art goes beyond itself and asks critical questions about the future.

Bolgarski palace, abandoned cinema, the so-called “Exchange” gathering place, the cobbler 's workshop, the village store and  castle-walls as well as the  abandoned orphanage – all these make up  an incomplete list of places where artists will tell stories of forgotten people and places.

Once called Mepiskalaki, (king’s town) then turned into Tsitelkalaki, nowadays Akhalkalaki – is a village which keeps countless forgotten stories and secrets. Day after day, the memory of this place is falling apart and getting lost.

By observing Akhalkalaki, we may clearly see the social, cultural and economic problems of a post-Soviet country with western course.

The past is forgotten, the present abandoned, future is delayed.

Narrating and analyzing the past with the language of art is   giving to us an unexpected possibility of computing and imagining of the future.


Fest I Nova 2016 /Future memory / First Part of The  Festival Program

29 of May - Bolgarski’s Palace – Art Villa Garikula 


13:00 Tour in Garikula/Akhalkalaki 

14:00 Flea Market 

15:00 Fest i Nova 2016 - project presentation. 

Discussion topic - “future of the art and future art” 

Importance of the art spaces in regions - Tornike Adamashvili, Sophia Kilasonia, Karaman Kutateladze

Initiative in village - Ana Margvelashvili

Present and future of the cultural policy - Tamar Tsulukidze

Participation and art - Group “Bouillon”, Lali Pertenava

Creation and transformation of place - Levan Ghambashidze

Art in future - Zura Jishkariani

16:00 Music Performance


Buses Stop at the Rose Revolution Square (Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel) at 12:00 PM . 

One way fee is 1:50 Gel 




25 of June Tseretlebi’s Palace

Group “Bouillon” 

Irakli Lobzhanidze 

Ana Chaduneli

Qeu Mepharishvili and Salome Maka Kiladze

Gvantsa Jishkariani 

Group “Sekator“ 

Nino Zirakishvili 

Solomon Razmadze

Lia Bagrationi 

Dato Mikhailidi 

Nastasia Arabuli

Ana Kochiashvili and Zizi Nishnianidze 

Tamar Chaduneli 

Village club 

Free screenings ("Ahuahu" Foundation) 

"Indigo" Magazine 

Natalie Avaliani

Marita Rurua and Mariel Tskhvedi 

Elene Pasuri 


Curated by: Mariam Natroshvili/Detu Jintcharadze

Coordinator: Tinna Siradze

Festival is supported my Ministry of Culture of Georgia.