Fest I Nova – G Force

The 7th International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Zdanevich Brothers, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Art Villa Garikula

September 19 – 30


Effort on the verge of overload makes utopia come true.

In search of free space it darts out to the countryside and sets to construct the innovative facility.

Artists armed with saws and shovels side by side break through into the new dimension which they have themselves created.

The old homestead turns into manufactory under the moonlit summer sky, homestead yard - into construction site; Babylon community members easily catch the meaning of each other; the disparate ideas unite as details of an ideally fixed mechanism.

G Force can be survived for 15 years. That is a reality of the Art Villa Garikula in Georgia which celebrates its 15th anniversary at Fest I Nova 2015, the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of The Zdanevich Brothers.

Metamorphosis caused by creative idea is the main aspiration of Fest I Nova G Force which summons artists from all over the world to present ideas of spatial transformation.

Anniversary festival is a logical consequence of antecedent ones, Invisible Streams and Opus Mixtum, the latter with realization of Conceptual Installation-pavilions.

The vast yard and homestead itself on the backdrop of nearby mountain ridges will be at the disposal of artists, architects, curators and all kind of people with creative interests to transform space and present the innovative concepts of show shaping..

The theme of the Festival, G Force is used as a metaphor of a phenomenon of physics to which race-car pilots and astronauts are subjected during acceleration.

The acceleration overcomes gravity; the pilot sustains G- force.

Untrained humans can tolerate acceleration ranged from as much as 20 g for less than 10 seconds and 15 g for approximately 12-13sec.