Fest I Nova 2014


Fest I Nova 2014 continues its six year long tradition and provides the courtyard and interior space of the Art Villa Garikula for the contemporary visual art show from 12th to 16th of September.

The theme for the festival - Opus Mixtum has been inspired by the innumerable opportunities of the contemporary art. This Latin term, originated from the experiments of ancient epoch architecture means mixed work which combine different construction techniques.

Nowadays, mixed technique and multimedia art work are the most popular formats which refer to contemporary art and imply far wider spectrum of meaning than the mere mix of materials or different technical equipment.

The exposition encompasses large-scale format works – mainly construction-sculptures based on architectural motives as well as artworks of other types, e.g. installations, video-arts and performances.

Thus it is an artistic synthesis expressed in different ways that represents the main component of the selected artworks.

The main thing that matters is the degree of artistic freedom and original vision demonstrated in particular artwork even so the participants are not restricted within the limits of any other stringent requirements.

Khatuna Khabuliani

Curator, Art Critic, 2014, Tbilisi