Fest I Nova 2013

Fest i Nova’13 – Invisible Streams

The 5th International Festival of Contemporary Art in Honor of the Brothers Zdanevich

September 06.09.2013 – 09.09.2013

Festival Team:

Karaman Kutateladze – Festival Director

Khatuna Khabuliani– Curator

Maia Chikvaidze – Asistant Director

Nikoloz Nadirashvili – Assistant Curator

Giorgi Simonishvili – Art Designer


Invisible Streams

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born.“

Antonio Gramsci

The consequences of Georgian transitional culture are as odd and intricate as the ones of any culture undergoing the period of crisis. The Soviet era was followed by the new principles for defining the identity but the discourse showed low-key affairs. The main goal was to analyze and understand the past, which was locked in isolated conditions of totalitarian regime and to define the opportunities, which are to come. From the historical view two decimals are not long enough, although they represent significant amount of time from a human’s point of view. The period was regarded as suspected entity without any signs of progressiveness and changes. Maybe there are no evident changes, but some movements surely exist. There is a strong desire to examine contemporary forms and getting closer to the international art spaces. The problem lies in onetime and short-term initiatives, while the artists are more interested in, so cold, invisible streams, which can be interpreted neither via verbal definitions nor through the artistic projects of various programs.

Due to the historical background contemporary art development is not as intense as we want it to be, however there are some initiatives fulfilling these vacuum.

The case of Art Villa Garikula represents the example of the initiatives mentioned above. It contributes in development of contemporary art during the crisis period and stimulates the art residency programme in a village – Akhalkalaki, Inner Kartli. This practice represents the innovative feature for Georgian reality, indeed. Here with Art Villa Garikula launches annually the The Zdanevich Brothers’s Contemporary Art International Festival – Fest I Nova. The Festival prolongs the movement of Georgian Modern artists, who aimed to relate Georgian art space with progressive art processes, as in the beginning of 20th century Georgian art was able to add valuable experiences to international art tendencies, but the Soviet era terminated this drive. Festival has already hosted many international artists, for whom the Georgian cultural context became inspirational discovery. Nowadays, they promote the festival internationally inserting Art Villa Garikula in an extended artistic network. The concept of Fest I Nova - 2013 is ‘Invisible Streams.’ This time Art Villa Garikula is going to present artistic interpretations of international and Georgian artists exploring the transitional process, without concrete thematic limitations. Some artists will present experimental artworks, holding autonomous artistic value rather than exposing the characteristics of narrative illustrations.

In focus of Art Villa Garikula, there always have been young artists and their initiatives. Respectively, Fest I Nova 2013 will continue to present promising artists and their interpretations via artistic projects.

Khatuna Khabuliani

Art Historian, Curator


Tbilisi, Georgia